Post-discharge Services


Mercy Medical Center has many services available to you after you are discharged from the hospital.

Social Services

Our social services staff assists patients, their families and other sup- port persons in meeting needs they may experience as a result of illness and injury.

Some of the more common services provided include: assisting with arrangements for discharge such as setting up in-home nursing services, helping with long-term care placement decisions, and arranging for needed medical supplies and equipment; addressing questions related to insurance coverage and benefits; helping people understand and deal with the complexities of government programs–particularly Medicare and Medicaid; providing assistance and support to people as they deal with impact and effects of illness and injury; serving as a resource for services available through community agencies; assisting with medically related financial and legal concerns; and, when necessary, support and guidance in crisis situations.

All discussions with our social services staff are confidential and there is no charge for the services provided.

For more information, call the social services Department at 437- 3436, or visit us.


Lifeline is a personal emergency response system that enables individuals with medical problems or handicaps to live independently in their own homes while having access to emergency assistance 24-hours-a-day. emergency personnel can be summoned by pressing a button on a pendant that can be worn around the neck. Call 437-3474 for information.

Meals on Wheels

You may qualify for Meals on Wheels which are delivered to home- bound individuals. Call 437-3474 for information.