Going Home

Discharge planning is a process that begins when you are admitted and continues throughout your hospital stay.


While you are in the hospital, our case management or social worker may visit you to help you identify your post-hospitalization needs and help you meet those needs.

When your physician determines that you are ready to return home, your nurse will review discharge instructions with you. you may want to request additional post-discharge services such as home nursing care, support groups, skilled nursing and more. our staff can help you make these arrangements or receive help from community resources. For information, call our social services Department at extension 3436.

Billing and insurance

If you have Blue Cross or other hospital insurance coverage, or if you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, we will submit your hospital bill for you.

If you have questions about your insurance, or payment of your hospital claim, please call the Business office at extension 3417. Any balance due on your hospital bill not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the patient. payments for which you are personally responsible may be made at the business office weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If this is not possible, please call extension 3417 and one of our patient accounts representatives will visit with you in your room.

Financial Assistance Options

Extended Payment Arrangements, Payment Discounts for Uninsured Patients, and Charity Service Determinations are available to those who apply and qualify for these forms of financial assistance.

Mercy Medical Center has applications available upon request for all patients who wish to seek assistance in meeting their financial obligations with us. Mercy Medical Center provides care, without regard to ability to pay, to individuals with limited financial resources, and offers all patients the option to apply for financial assistance.

Room charges

Your daily hospital rate includes your room, meals, special diets, snacks (if ordered), and around-the-clock nursing care, and the immediate availability of highly-specialized equipment.

Other charges

Additional charges are made for medications or narcotics, use of delivery room, or operating and recovery rooms, anesthesia, intravenous fluids, special equipment, laboratory tests, x-rays, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and other items and supplies ordered especially for you.

When you leave

If someone is picking you up when you are discharged, please ask them to park in the visitors’ parking lot. When you are ready to leave, our nursing personnel will escort you to the Main lobby. At that time, the driver may bring the vehicle to the front entrance to meet you.

Cars should never be left unattended in the fire lane.