SHIIP Provides Free Senior Health Insurance Counseling at Mercy

Posted 5/2/2018 in News

Centerville, IA – For some people the SHIIP’s (Senior Health Insurance Program) in person help was essential for understanding the complexities of Medicare and making good choices. For others SHIIP education helped them save on their health insurance costs. So it is great news that the federal government extended funding for the program to continue.

Judi Glosser, SHIIP counselor in Appanoose County said that last year seniors in Appanoose County alone saved $39,700 by accessing the free counseling she provides at Mercy Medical Center.  Whether it is helping people sort through and choose the best plan for them, explain something they don’t understand on their insurance statements, or assist with issues they may have on a specific claim, to helping them choose the best plan for them, I am available to help,” Glosser said.
Glosser is a retired registered nurse who has also been a private investigator.  “With my medical background, I believe I can help people make smart choices in a pretty complex and confusing Medicare insurance environment,” she stated.    Glosser is available by appointment on Wednesdays and Friday mornings by calling 641-437-3411.

SHIIP is a free health insurance counseling service of the State of Iowa. SHIIP counselors assist older adults who have questions or problems related to Medicare, Medicare drug coverage, Medicare supplement insurance, long term care insurance and many other issues.  Most SHIIP volunteers are on Medicare themselves and can relate to the concerns of the people they help. The program provides intensive training to its volunteers, a comprehensive resource manual, regular support and follow up training from the Iowa Insurance Division.
SHIIP is sponsored by the Iowa Insurance Division and co-sponsored by Mercy Medical Center/Centerville in the Appanoose County area.

For more information about SHIIP contact the hospital at 437-3411 or go to