Hospital OB Service

Posted 6/2/2017 in News

Mercy Medical Center – Centerville announced that it has suspended its obstetrics service due to the loss of Dr. Erica Collins, OB-GYN effective June 1.

According to Clint Christianson, President, the hospital board of directors went through a discernment process with regards to the obstetrics service.  “The board voted to continue providing obstetrics services in the future and is committed to rebuilding our market,” he said. 

Christianson stated that he is actively recruiting 2 or 3 family practice physicians who also do obstetrics. “We’ve already had a visit from one prospective candidate and had preliminary discussion with another one just this week,” he said. Although he is unable to speculate on when the service will be back in operation, he would like to have one provider available after the first of the year.

Dr. Collin’s patients were notified of her departure in advance and were transitioned to other providers. Any emergent OB patients will need to present to the emergency department for appropriate treatment or transfer to another facility.

Mercy has delivered babies throughout its 117 year history in Centerville with the exception of a short time in the late 90’s when local physician practices decided to cease OB practice. The hospital was successful at the time in its efforts to recruit and re-start the service in a new addition to the building.