All of us at Mercy Medical Center - Centerville are privileged to be in the position of serving in a ministry of healing.  

In all of Mercy Medical Center's endeavors beginning with wellness/health promotion
and ending with faith based hospice services, it is our Mission to promote the
well-being of people in the communities we serve by living the values that define and guide all of our actions.

Medical Center - Centerville is an equal opportunity employer that values
the strength diversity brings to our workplace. The list of employment opportunities listed below for Mercy Medical Center – Centerville is updated daily.

Effective July 1, 2011, Mercy implemented a nicotine-free hiring policy for all job applicants at our hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers and all other facilities. 
Anyone who applies for a position with Mercy is tested for nicotine during our regular
pre-employment testing.

Applicants who test positive for nicotine will be eliminated from consideration. 
However, interested candidates may reapply after 6 months.

Job Opportunities

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Employment Benefits

Mercy provides a variety of benefits to its eligible employees. These benefits are generally categorized as health/security, employee services, social insurance and pay for time not worked.

Such benefits are integrated with the Mercy pay plan to provide a comprehensive total compensation package and may require employee contributions for participation.

The Human Resources Department may conduct periodic surveys and recommend new or revised benefits programs to administration in conjunction with the planning/budgeting process.

Eligible employees may enroll for benefits on a pre-tax basis through the Human Resources Department within 30 days of their employment date/eligibility date.

Coverage options include:

  • Medical/Vision
  • Prescription
  • Dental
  • Medical Reimbursement Accounts
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Coverage for Medical, Vision, and Dental begin the first of the month following 30 days.

Paid Time Off
Mercy recognizes that it is important and necessary for employees to be away from work occasionally. In recognition of this need a flexible system of Paid Time Off (PTO) is provided to cover vacation, holidays, personal days and periods of disability with supervisory approval.

Full and part-time employees are eligible for immediate PTO accrual. Probationary employees are eligible to use PTO in accordance with the PTO policy. Those working less than 32 hours per pay are not eligible to accrue PTO.

Short Term Disability
Mercy provides a eligible employees with short-term disability insurance on the first of the month following 90 days of employment. STD coverage pays you a benefit for each week you are unable to work because of injury or illness. The amount of benefit paid is based on bi-weekly base pay earnings in effect just prior to the date of disability.

Long Term Disability
Mercy provides a LTD plan and it becomes effective after 90 days of employment. LTD is automatically provided for full time employees and the benefit begins after a 180 day elimination period is exhausted. If approved for LTD, payments equal to 60% of base monthly earning will be received each month.

Pension & Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSA)
Mercy provides a pension program to employees at no cost. TSA programs are also available to Mercy employees who wish to set aside additional dollars for retirement.

Tuition Assistance/Specialty Certification
Mercy encourages continuing education for all employees. Full-time employees are eligible for assistance up to $3000 per calendar year and part-time employees are eligible for assistance up to $1500 per calendar year. The program is designed to provide eligible employees financial reimbursement for approved formal accredited advanced education courses and courses that are part of a recognized specialty certification program.

YMCA Membership
Mercy recognizes the importance of fitness to the health and well being of its employees and their families. Because of this, the hospital provides a generous discount on membership to the YMCA and allows the dues to be deducted from the employee's paycheck.